…sleep encroaching

Work is well underway on the next big project for me – “The Last Few Seconds Before Sleep” which is starting to take shape properly now.¬†Here’s the conceptual schtick behind it:

Just before sleep, in the Limbo between the conscious mind and the great abyss, I become aware of a tiny sound. A minute burst of white noise lasting just a few seconds in linear time, this is the gap between worlds. Aware but powerless to act, I know this sound inside out, a minute piece of sonic cartography that contains all the information in the universe, the whirring of a vast organic hard-drive as the processor performs a memory dump between logic and something much bigger and weirder. delay lines feedback to Omega Point, choirs of particles stream towards event horizons, linear time holds no sway here this vast but tiny sound contains all of time and space and possibility.

It will be getting its first (and possibly only) live airing on September 11th at the n_ilk festival at the Botanic Gardens in Dundee and will be coming out on Broken20 at somepoint thereafter. There will also be a full set from The Village Orchestra and we’re planning on pulling together a bit of improvised collaboration, there should also be a DJ set from Production Unit so Broken20 ends will be fully repped, ¬†all taking place inside a big greenhouse full of quite mental plants. The event runs from 3.30pm – 10.30ish and there are a load of other interesting people doing things.

n_ilk site
Facebook listing
LastFM listing

Do come along. In the meantime, I cannot recommend heartily enough Erik XVI’s latest podcast for Broken20 which you can get here. Techno classics under heavy sedation in a dark tunnel. Get on it.


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